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  1. 4 Steps to Planning A Successful Influencer Event for Your Brand

    Influencer marketing is fast becoming a “must do” for all consumer-based companies. Whether a local coffee shop, a national toy company, or a global automaker, marketing departments are spending more and more money on influencers—and for good reason.

    • 80% of marketers say influencer marketing is effective, and 89% say it works just as well (if not better) than other marketing channels.
    • 71% of marketers say the quality of customers and traffic from influencer marketing is better than other sources.
    • Tomoson has found that influencer marketing has been able to proffer yields of $6.50 ROI for every dollar spent.

    So now that we understand why influencers are important to your marketing, let’s talk about a way to scale their impact—hosting an influencer event. This is a great idea if you’re opening a new location or rolling out a new product. An influencer event is often less costly than a traditional marketing campaign, and they can be quite effective. Events can also be used in conjunction with a traditional marketing campaign (See #4 below!).


    While the details of each influencer event will look different, depending on the industry and product, there are a few best practices to ensure marketing success—and ultimately increased revenue. To help us out, we talked with two Orlando food influencers, Michelle (@MadeinOrlando) and Lisa (@TasteCookSip), both of whom recently attended one of our influencer events (a new store opening for Tijuana Flats).

    1. Create a Guest List:  Similar to building traditional media lists, finding the right influencers for your event means doing your research. Find people who are a good fit for your brand. For Lisa, a little research can go a long way in getting an influencer to attend an event.

    “I often get hit up to partner with products completely out of my purview, like make-up or watches,” she said. “The form email says, ‘We love your feed and think you’d be a great fit!’ … No, you don’t. If you knew my feed, you’d know I talk about food.” Lisa’s advice is to seek out influencers that work in your space, then start to interact with them. Start by liking their page or commenting on some posts.

    Think of your influencer list like a media list. You should update it regularly and build relationships with the people on it. This will pay off for your upcoming events and ones you throw in the future.


    2. Set Clear (Reasonable) Expectations: Whether you’re looking for a full blog article, 2-3 social posts, or video content, be honest from the start. Then be prepared to pay for that content. For Michelle, clear communication can make or break her decision to attend your event. 

    “I don’t like it when people beat around the bush about what they’re looking for. It can be tedious to go back and forth a bunch,” she said.

    Another key thing is to understand both the workload and value of influencer posts. As fellow content creators, we know it takes more than 30 seconds to set up, take and edit a beautiful photo, then craft a clever, effective post. When making an offer, think about how much time you’re asking the influencer to take give you. For example, are you asking them to drive an hour, try out a variety of products/menu items, then write a 500-word blog post with a slideshow of pictures? That’s worth a lot more than $50 or some free product samples.

    3. Create a Hashtag: Social media is all about momentum—we know this. Multiply your influencers’ effectiveness by creating a hashtag. A hashtag for your blogger event should be creative, related to your brand or product, and relatively short. Interested followers will use it to search and find additional content and reviews. The more time someone spends engaging with content that promotes your product, the more invested they are in your brand.

    4. Follow Up and See it Through: Sending invitations is just the first step. Treat this event like you would a press release—follow up! Remember, each influencer is unique, and it may take several emails and some negotiating to confirm their attendance at your event. We communicated with bloggers before, during and after our event, ensuring they had everything they needed.

    Lisa encourages marketers to remember that the post is not where things end. Social media is just that—social! “Brands should be engaging with posts, sharing posts, commenting on posts and participating in the conversations they wanted in the first place,” she said.

    With these four steps in mind, any brand—large or small—can throw an effective, engaging influencer event.

  2. What Can Businesses Learn From Advertising Agencies Using TikTok?

    Discover the Possibilities 

    The clock is Tiking… is your business Toking? By now, you’ve likely noticed that many companies have yet to get established on TikTok. We have a feeling that’ll change. Remember the days of questioning if getting on platforms like Facebook and Instagram was the right move? Today, the thought of neglecting to reach your audience via social is prehistoric. 

    Still, it’s no secret that we’re often hesitant when it comes to change, especially regarding business. You may worry that you and your team will explore TikTok only to find that posts aren’t racking up as much engagement as you hoped. Instead of entering the TikTok world with specific expectations, approach the platform with an open mind. 

    Because TikTok is 100% free, we see value in taking the leap and finding out what it may accomplish for your business. You may go viral overnight, or maybe you’ll decide the platform isn’t what’s best for your team. No matter what you find, we encourage you to never stop exploring. Start below and discover three ways you can get started on TikTok right now, then jump into our findings on how other advertising agencies are using TikTok and how those practices can be applied to businesses looking to talk the Tok. 

    1. TikTok is a hub for influencer marketing. Tap into influencer-created content on TikTok to expand your reach through someone your audience trusts. 
    2. What’s a surefire way to get the attention of consumers on any platform? Pets. If your team is known for paw-some pet policies like dog days, feature your four-legged stars in company content. 
    3. One of TikTok’s many perks is that you don’t always have to be totally original. Stay on the pulse of what’s new and trending on the platform and make it your own.  

    The Influencer Marketing Factory 

    Followers: 1.3k 

    Likes: 24.2k 

    The Influencer Marketing Factory leverages TikTok to feature its social media campaigns as well as client campaigns. These videos showcase key performance indicators (KPIs), which gives quick insight into how well the projects performed, a metric that brands on TikTok are eager to know. 

    While most of the agency’s content focuses on campaigns, they’re not necessarily their most popular. Over the last two months, posts speaking to stay-at-home fun and expectation versus reality have seen the most engagement. We can take this as proof that TikTokers are always open to entertaining, relatable content. 

    TikTok Takeaway: TikTok’s video interface provides an optimal platform to display recent work and products, even positive stats about your company’s latest project or eventAnd take it from The Influencer Marketing Factory’s high engagement rates on less business heavy contentTikTok invites users to be bold and stand outDon’t hesitate getting in on the latest meme or challenge – just be sure your brand personality shines through.  


    🍻 Our Content Creation Management for Bud Light #budlight #fyp #fun

    ♬ WIN THE DAY – Bamtone




    Followers: 68k 

    Likes: 728.1k 

    From logo evolutions to designer struggles and the history of Black Friday, NoGood is no stranger to TikTok. The company prides itself on helping new businesses grow through “rapid experimentation.” Their willingness to go unafraid has clearly yielded results. 

    With almost 70,000 followers, NoGood has managed to accumulate more than 10x as many likes. How? They post relevant insights that other marketers find educational and humorous. They’ve established themselves as a thought leader in the industry and they’re leading the way on a platform many companies have yet to tackle. 

    NoGood has definitely used TikTok’s lightheartedness to its advantage. The company’s TikToks are much more quirky and casual than its usual tone. Remember, you don’t have to change your voice, but it’s perfectly fine (encouraged, even) to adjust tone to meet the moment. 

    TikTok Takeaway: Take a moment to identify areas that your company excels in and determine a plan for thought leadership posts. Consider this an all-hands-on deck project. Everyone on your team has valuable insights to offer. 


    @nogood.ioMarketing masterpieces #mcdonalds #burgerking #marketing #genius♬ Aesthetic Girl – Yusei

    Though TikTok officially launched in 2017, it has recently seen tremendous growth and increased its monthly active users by over 52 million in less than a year. With reach like that, we’d be remiss to dismiss its power as another consumer touchpoint. Take heed of the examples set by brands currently thriving in the space and you too will find success on TikTok. It all starts with a willingness to go unafraid.