A Year in Content: 2023’s Top Insights

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2023 was the year of AI and the year of “Barbenheimer.” And for the team at Findsome & Winmore, it was a year where we shared many insights on the wide world of marketing and celebrated agency achievements along the way. Grab your eggnog, champagne, or morning coffee, and join us for a stroll down memory lane as we revisit our top 10 insight posts from the past year.

Pressing “Pause” for a More Thoughtful, Deliberate, Honest Life

Findsome & Winmore’s CMO and a licensed mental health counselor, Kelly Lafferman explored the power of pausing: a self-care strategy that can help preserve relationships while enabling more thoughtful problem-solving.

Kelly Rogers, VP of Client Services, Named Incoming Chair of Seminole County Chamber of Commerce

At our agency, we’re big on lifting others up whenever we can. So, as soon as we could break the news about our own Kelly Rogers’ ascension to Chair of the Seminole County Chamber of Commerce, we took to our keyboards to pen this agency news piece.

2023: Time for a Marketing Gut Check

Our founder and CEO Matt Certo came out swinging at the top of 2023 with his list of marketing dos and don’ts. Being the marketing whiz he is, many of his prescient recommendations remain as relevant today as they did some 360-odd days ago.

Upgrading from Google Analytics to GA4

We’re in the business of making our clients’ lives easier — and while we’re sure Google had the best of intentions, the switch from UA to GA4 was responsible for more than a few headaches. As a painkiller, account manager Danielle Cosme drafted up this comprehensive guide, smoothing out the transition while helping our clients maximize GA4’s effectiveness. Maybe it even helped you!

This Is Huge: Why We’re Betting Big on Content Marketing

2023 was a landmark year for content marketing everywhere — but especially here at F&W. We developed content marketing frameworks to help our clients hop on board, watched closely as brands like Spotify and the New York Times doubled down on their content marketing efforts, and invested heavily in content across social media and our relaunched newsletter, Hot Air. Believe it or not, even this very wrap-up is a form of our content marketing efforts in action. (Insert mind-blown emoji here.)

Your Environment Is Everything: Why Environmental Branding Matters for Your Office

Branding isn’t confined to your logo, your font, or your name. In fact, the overall atmosphere of your office can help cultivate a more three-dimensional brand. “Your space should indicate who you and your employees are, what you stand for, and why there’s no other business like yours,” writes Kelly Rogers. “Environmental branding can help you accomplish these goals and more.”

AI is Here. Are We Ready for It?

We saw yet another tech revolution in 2023, with AI bursting onto the scene and into seemingly every one of our conversations with clients, friends, and strangers. In her deep dive on the subject, account coordinator and resident AI aficionado Emily Baker peeled back the layers — and went back to the 19th century — to get to the (non)beating heart of the latest tech du jour.

Findsome & Winmore Selected for Membership in the 4A’s

The 4A’s is one of the oldest, most prestigious professional organizations for advertising agencies, and 2023 was the year that we joined the likes of BBDO, Dentsu, Edelman, Fallon, and the 600 other top shops that get to call themselves members.

Unleashing the Power of AI in Marketing Agencies: Revolutionizing Client Services

AI isn’t just for generating uncanny artworks or penning 1,000-word blog posts. In fact, our Senior PR and Brand Strategist, Caleb Liptak, writes that there are a bevy of practical client services applications, too — with a little help from none other than ChatGPT itself.

Findsome & Winmore Launches New Website

At last, the cherry on top of a truly monumental year: the launch of our all-new website. This was an all-hands-on-deck undertaking, and of the myriad website launches we enjoyed in 2023, we have to say this one was our favorite. Are we a little biased? Maybe. Do we still get butterflies every time we scroll our new site? Definitely.   

The marketing world is always changing, and we look forward to deeper exploration, grander accomplishments, and even more insights in 2024. Happy holidays — we’ll see you next year!