Findsome & Winmore Selected for Membership in the 4A’s

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WINTER PARK, Fla. (February 1, 2023) – Findsome & Winmore, the award-winning full-service marketing agency, today announced its membership in the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s).

The 4A’s was established in 1917 by leading advertising executives with 111 charter member agencies to advocate and advance the advertising industry. For more than 105 years, the 4A’s has grown to strengthen the education and industry outlook for agencies across the country. Today, 80% of the top-awarded American agencies are in association with the organization and its dedicated efforts to improve and educate its agencies.

The decision to join the organization comes from the 4A’s goal to provide its members with modern advancements and resources to expand business, generate relationships, and build culture through innovation. The 4A’s delivers creative support for its partnered agencies through the educational groundwork of advocacy, operational and management services, and peer-to-peer advising.

Findsome & Winmore, the agency that helps clients “find and win” new customers is looking forward to reaching new heights in the industry with the new partnership.

“We are looking forward to the association with the 4A’s in an effort to further develop our team, capabilities, and ability to serve our clients well,” said Matt Certo, CEO & Principal of Findsome & Winmore.

As Findsome & Winmore enters the first quarter of 2023, the Winter Park-based agency is motivated in sharing the growth and opportunity with its clients from its 4A’s membership.

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