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Floating cloud around page main headline text

Long before the world went all pandemic on us, we acquired and renovated our own 8,000 square-foot building to house our team, host our clients, and foster the collaboration that drives our work.

It’s a blend of open concept, closed office, places to hide with your laptop, and casual spaces to hang out.

To us, it’s an expression of our brand in every sense of the word. We also have some pretty distinctive thoughts on the overlap between brand and architecture. The renovation was an opportunity to collaborate with an important client on the fusion of brand and architecture. Because our brand embodies exploration and discovery, we sought to reflect that in the finishes, artwork and even the agency playlist on Spotify that fills the space with a creative vibe. It’s also an opportunity to tell different stories that mean something to us, like that time we worked with two clients to tear off the roof and start over again.

Even a new roof is an
opportunity to build a brand.

Take a look at the video below to see how we partnered with our client, Eagle Roofing Products, to tell a unique story.

Our building is an important part of who we are, but it’s what actually happens inside that makes the difference –– that’s where you come in. To plan a visit, please reach out to us.