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  1. “And The Winner Is…” How Winning Awards Can Impact Your Business

    Win Awards for Your Business

    Recently, Findsome & Winmore was named one of the Best Places to Work in Orlando by The Orlando Business Journal. While winning the award was exciting for all of us at Findsome & Winmore, the real thrill came from the reactions we got from people outside of our company.

    After making the Best Places to Work list, we saw a significant increase in job applications, congratulations from clients and even a few congratulations from people and organizations around town that we normally have little interaction with.

    So, why did winning a simple award impact our company like it did? Because becoming an award-winning organization elevates a company’s status within an industry or community.

    Going From Generic to Preferred

    Do you prefer brand name or generic?If you are shopping for a particular item and are forced to choose between two brands, do you go for the generic or the reputable brand?

    If you’re shopping for quality, selecting the brand with the best reputation or credentials means you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed in the product. That same logic can be applied across any client service-oriented company, within any industry.

    Getting recognized by a prominent local or national publication or organization can take your company from a generic product to the preferred brand.

    Which Awards Should I Go After?

    Start by thinking about the things that are most important to your company. Does it make sense for you to shoot for an award that recognizes your city’s healthiest employers? If you’re looking to appeal to prospective employees who would take notice of this award, the answer is yes. If your goal is to establish yourself as a leader within a certain industry, this award wouldn’t necessarily be a means to that end.

    From there, consider which publications or organizations are important to your company or your fellow industry leaders. A quick online search for open award nominations associated with the ones you select will provide you with information on award deadlines, application requirements and more.

    Awards can go beyond just your company, too. Many awards focus on recognizing outstanding individuals within an organization. Seek these opportunities out as much as you can. There’s no better way to show off what your company can do than to have an outside party praise the team you’ve put together. Not to mention, having individuals recognized for their work both in and out of the office is a great employee morale booster.

    How Do I Get Nominated?

    Awards Can Boost Your Company's ReputationSimple – fill out the nomination form! These forms are typically very user-friendly, and  nominations can take as little as 30 minutes; however, while nominating your business or an employee may be simple, how your nomination is written can affect your chances of winning.

    If writing isn’t your strong suit or you feel unsure about how to answer questions, enlist the help of a professional who has the ability to paint your company in the best possible light, and who will include all the necessary information in order for you to be considered as a winner.

    Winning an award is a sign that your company is doing something right. From a marketing prospective, this can be an invaluable tool. Take advantage of it!