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  1. Hurricane Prep Tech Tips: How Can I Prepare for Hurricane Matthew?

    Well, folks, it was inevitable. Hurricane season is set to finally deliver on its yearly threat to Florida. Though we hope you have filled up your gas tanks, stocked up on bottled water and stored a bit of non-perishables in your cabinet, there is still an element of hurricane prep that many people fail to remember: preparing your electronics and technology for the big storm.


    With electronics such as TVs, computers, laptops, cell phones, video game consoles and more often sitting as the most expensive products in your home, trust us when we say, they are worth protecting.

    What Can I Do to Protect My Tech During Hurricane Matthew?

    • Unplug: All non-essential electronics should be left unplugged during the storm. Think of your guest bedroom’s TV, the lamp that’s rarely used in your bedroom or the game console that’s collecting dust in your entertainment system. Why risk these items being destroyed in the case of an electrical surge?
    • Save Your Vitals: All important documents stored digitally on your computer should be downloaded to a flash drive or mobile memory device and stored safely within a waterproof and fireproof safe if available.
      Store Digitally: Though holding a physical copy of your important files is always a best practice, why not double up your recovery options by also saving them to an online storage option, such as DropBox? Though it’s not advised to solely rely on cloud-based storage, using it as a backup can keep your data safe in a worst-case scenario.
    • UPS Delivers: An Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) allows a selected amount of your most vital electronics to hold power for a short amount of time — enough time to properly shut down computers and other electronics that may lose data from a sudden power outage. If you have owned a UPS for a while, check the battery to ensure that it’s still holding a charge.
    • Surge-Protected: Make sure that all of your electronics are plugged into surge protectors, not just power strips. Surge protectors are rated to protect against specific levels of electrical surges that would otherwise fry your electronics.

    Hurricane prep is something all Floridians should take seriously. Not just ensuring that you stock up on food and water but also keep your high-value electronics safe to power on another day. Keep tabs on Matthew as it approaches and above all else, make sure you and yours stay safe.