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  1. Why Video Content is King

    The Importance of Video Content for Small Businesses

    Would you rather read aad explaining how a product works or watch a demo video showing exactly how it’s done? If you’re like most consumersvideo wins. With an overwhelming 72% of us preferring videos to learn about a company’s products and services, having video content is no longer an option for successful small businesses, it’s a must. 

    While moments worth sharing is a must-have, expensive camera equipment isn’t. Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign proves that standout video marketing can come to life via everyday devices. More often than not, viral videos are captured by the lenses most of us carry in our back pocket. So as you work towards better, stronger video content, know that footage shot on a phone or standard digital camera can be equally moving, tear-jerking or empowering for your audience. 

    It’s no surprise that video content engages virtually every consumer like no other mediumThey’re accessible, easy to digest and provide a source of entertainment. And when people come across something share-worthyyour SMB’s (small and medium-size business) video may even find its way to user’s social feedsWhether a video is uplifting, has a comical twistor simply tells your company’s story, nothing captures our attention like videos. 

    Timing is Everything

    When you’re mapping out video strategy, keep timing top of mind. Think frequency and duration. 

    According to Forbes, how often and when you post videos matters. While posting often boosts ROI, regular schedule leads to even higher ROI. Frequency will of course depend on your business’ capabilities, but the best ROI comes from weekly videos. More importantly though, is the when. Aim to publish videos at the same time, whether that’s once each week or once each month. 

    Regarding length of video content, it depends on the platform and the video’s intended message. You’ve likely heard that the average consumer’s attention span is withering with every scroll. While it’s true people usually won’t sit through longer videos, platform plays a part. It’s recommended that small businesses not exceed these maximums: 

    • Facebook – 15 seconds 
    • Twitter – 15 seconds 
    • Instagram – 30 seconds 
    • YouTube – 2 minutes 

    While these times serve as guidelines, you may have a story to tell that begs for more airtimeIf you do find your content deserving of a longer video, make every second count. 

    Is it on Brand?

    Another ever-important piece of your video strategy is theme. Whichever category you choose, your audience’s interests, wants and needs matter most. Themes mentioned by industry experts include: 


    How Other Small Businesses Incorporate Video

    Weekly Insights from Eagle Roofing Products 

    Eagle Roofing Products manufactures highquality roofing solutions for both residential and commercial architectureFindsome & Winmore takes the creative and strategic lead in filming and editing Eagle’s video content. Their Tile Tuesday series follows one of the most crucial components of optimal uploads – posting on a schedule so your audience knows exactly what to expect and when. They are quickly approaching 50,000 views. 

    Weekly Insights from Moz 

    Moz is an SEO software company that was founded in 2004. One of the ways they use video content is via a weekly web series called Whiteboard FridaysDuring these talks, the Moz team covers multiple SEO topics, from new software and tactics to step-by-step guides. The company began the series shortly after its founding and now has millions of views. 

    Services and Features with River Pools 

    River Pools online library is over 100 videos strong. With videos offering users tours of different types of swimming pools and their features, the company has fully realized the perfect concept for video content. In the COVID era especially, consumers need more ways to interact with content virtually. River Pools serves as a prime example of video content that educates the consumer on products and services.  

    Incorporating video makes content more sharable, improves conversion rates and even helps to establish trust and credibility. With every reel, consumers become more confident in their purchase decisions and your small business video sets the stage for understanding, brand awareness and growth. 

  2. Social Media Infographic

    Meet Jane.  She’s a prototypical customer and marketers trying to reach her need to be smarter than ever.  Our social media infographic shows just how you can be at the right place at the right time:  when Jane is ready to make a buying decision.

    Social Media Infographic

    Social Media Infographic – Reaching the Connected Consumer