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  1. Are Company Videos Worth the Investment?

    corporate videos

    Grab your popcorn and “small” soda (that’ll be $25.68, please): your brand could be in the movies, kid. Only, we’re skipping the silver screen for a venue that’s universally available in pockets, purses and laptops from here to Timbuktu. With many free video hosting options literally at your fingertips, creating company videos has never been easier. But why create them at all?

    Let’s break down why company videos are an effective means of communicating to your clients and how to craft them the right way. ACTION!

    Should Businesses Create Company Videos?

    Time is valuable. Is it really a worthy investment to spend it on writing a script, setting up shots, hiring voice talent, editing and publishing company videos for your dry cleaner, pizzeria, investment firm or doggy daycare?  That all depends on your objectives as a company. However, if you’re looking for a storytelling method that is humanizing, engrossing and optimized for search engines, you may want to double down on your company’s commitment to company videos.

    • Getting Personal: Though we’ve never really warmed up to the phrase, “let’s hear it from the horse’s’ mouth,” it, nonetheless, applies here. What better way to share your company’s personality than directly from team members and leadership who know it best? Company videos can literally put a face to your company, humanizing your brand and reminding people that your team and leadership are real, live, passionate men and women.
    • Watching > Reading: Put down those torches and pitchforks–we love reading but videos are simply easier to consume. With our current lifestyles of constant consumption, what better way to reach an audience who so often doesn’t have the time to sit down and read a headline, let alone an entire article? Auto-playing videos or the seductive play button are often enough to garner attention (and keep it) through the magic of moving images–as long as your content is up to snuff.
    • SEO-Powered: Any digital marketing professional worth his or her salt will preach the gospel of search engine optimization (SEO) until you’re a convert. Luckily, most video hosting sites make supercharging your video’s SEO simple. Providing a keyword-rich title, custom URL, tailored description and content tags all help your video garner some much-coveted online attention.
    • Fewer Limitations: There is no debating that TV is still huge. With Super Bowl ads still reaching legendary levels of viewers (at equally gargantuan prices), anyone who says that the TV spot is dead is dead wrong. However, the internet has opened the video floodgates, giving brands a low-cost outlet for getting their word out. Better yet, the web allows for far fewer limitations than broadcast TV. Instead of trying to cram an idea into a 30-second spot, you can take more time to get to your point (as long as you don’t bore the viewer). This also frees you up to be more creative when telling the story of your brand and showcasing the benefits of your product instead of succumbing to quicker, less engaging SELL SELL SELL tactics.

    Company Video Best Practices

    Figuring out that your company could benefit from company videos is great–but how are you supposed to do it effectively? Well, it’s something that depends highly on your individual brand, but after creating a few in our time, we have a few tips that may make your video more masterpiece than made-for-TV movie.

    • Quality is Key: If your team doesn’t have video experience, we highly recommend hiring someone who does. From lighting, to set design, to audio and editing, each element of film has to hold up to the brand standards that your company works so hard to maintain. Lower quality videos may be OK for social media, but when it comes to a full-fledged corporate video, invest in people who know what they’re doing. If you do have some video aficionados on the payroll, ensure that they’re given enough time to properly plan, shoot and edit the piece. Keep in mind, the quality level of your corporate video directly reflects the quality of your product or service. Trust us–it’s worth the investment and far less costly than many other means.
    • Short and Simple: Yes, one of the benefits of filming a video over a TV spot is that you can go a bit longer, but this is not an excuse for your company to produce the next Lord of the Rings trilogy. The fact is, even with video, people tend to have short attention spans. According to Wistia, two-minute-long videos are viewed about 20 percent less than seven-minute-long videos. Length aside, storytelling is most effective in marketing when it focuses in on a singular point and keeps an audience’s attention by being narratively efficient. Tell the story you set out to tell–no more, no less.
    • Sharing is Caring: Even if you’ve created one of the greatest company videos of all time, it is all for naught if no one sees the thing. SEO experts recommend first publishing videos within Vimeo and embedding into the brand website in order to drive web traffic directly to the brand as opposed to being funneled through YouTube. After a few months, it is safe to spread the love over to YouTube to expand the video’s visibility. These videos can make for engaging social media content as well, so share away on your official brand page and encourage employees to post to their personal Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels, especially if they’re featured in the video. According to Social Media Today, videos shared on Facebook have 135% greater organic reach compared to photo posts on average. Do not miss this opportunity.

    Moving Pictures

    Company videos are effective because, when done properly, they are affecting. The internet has blessed us all with the power to share our creations on a global level, often with a far lower buy-in than traditional commercial spots that were once the only outlet for companies trying to reach audiences with this powerful storytelling medium.  

    Company video created for AndCo Consulting


    Providing fewer limitations, infused with SEO potential, easily consumed and powerfully personal, company videos can be huge for your company if they are well-produced, don’t overstay their welcome and are published and shared appropriately. It may just be time for your company’s close-up.