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  1. Creating the32789: Brand Consistency is Key 

    The Key to a Consistent Brand 

    Again and again, we hear that “consistency is key. When developing a brand across multiple channels and touch points, that couldn’t be more trueSo as the Findsome & Winmore team was designing, writing and developing all that is the32789a digital-only, hyperlocal news platform, we knew creating brand consistency that flowed seamlessly between various platforms was essential. the32789 lives on the websocial media, email and has the potential to make its way to more mediums. But no matter where we take our brand, telling the stories of Winter Park while sharing a story of our own is crucial to fostering brand recognitionconsumer trust and loyalty, and a strong sense of who we are. 

    Because were a new face to Winter Park residents and frequentersmolding a strong brand identity early on was important. We wanted to spark more than a brief buzz–we aimed to become household name. So we produced a local brand we felt was so memorable and unique that it’s worthy of attention and brand awareness that would long outlive its launch date. And though we set out to have a solid foundation from the get-go, the same can be done for existing companies looking to strengthen their branding consistency. 

    From Brainstorming to Brand 

    In the brainstorming stage, we looked to the roots of who and what we were representing. Because the32789 focuses on the happenings and inhabitants of Winter Park, we looked to the suburban city’s identity to mold our own. By borrowing from the scene that residents and locals know so well, we created an inviting look and feel that felt familiar and welcoming. 

    We sought out brand colors to radiate Winter Park’s artworkvenues and landmarks with three classic primary colored hues of ocean blue, mustard yellow and rustic brick red. Our feather-inspired mark symbolizes the understood mascot of the city, the peacock, while paying homage to water and forward motion–all part of our modern brand. 

    The purpose behind the32789 played an integral part in its creation, so from platform to platform, our core values (truth, storytelling, style and design, and diversity of opinion) are always at the forefront. We cultivated a multichannel presence with our audience, as we knew that’s where they were spending approximately 6 hours dailyAnd because we’re solely an online effort, it’s a must that the32789 comes to life digitally to establish brand awareness. The only way to do so was by embodying Winter Park’s community and connectivity amongst locals. 

    After cementing who we are and what we look like, we considered where the32789 would exist and how we could stay true to our aesthetic. We then developed brand assets that beautifully flowed into any space. 

    Design and Photography 

    Credibility and familiarity are at the core of our brand. We’re a new, local platform, so seeking out our own truths and capturing stories from our own lens is important to us. Images play a huge role in any story. Not only do they illustrate what’s happening, they work as a piece of the32789’s identity. 

    Lucky for us, Winter Park is the epitome of picturesque–providing beautiful shots that are both iconic and historic. Behind these original images that are stories waiting to be told. These original photos live not just on the site, but on social as well. And because original photography is a main piece of the32789, we implemented graphic standards like our color paletteoverlays and typefaces on Instagram to bring brand consistency to our social grid. 


    Though each aspect of the32789 is important, web is our main space. It’s where stories live and breathe fully and where so much more about who we are can be found. Because of the recognizable color scheme and distinctive mark overlays throughout the webpages, our brand stays consistent through and through. 

    Finally, as do all of our platforms, our website drives users to our other spaces so all things the32789 work in harmony, living cohesively in one way or another. Whether we’re encouraging web visitors to engage with us on social with a share button or sign up for our emails, the32789 Weekly, the goal is always to keep our brand top of mind. 

    Copy and Messaging 

    As mentioned, the32789 was created to be a voice that speaks to Winter Park residents and visitors. To make this clear, we framed our tagline around a phrase that could be applied to many Winter Park interests. It was understood that our tagline, “for the locals,” had the potential to be applied to multiple audiences, stories and iterations. Because it can be rewritten in so many ways (business for the locals, food & drink for the locals, and news for the locals to name a few) it encompasses several aspects of the city and those who call it home. By framing our messaging, tagline and overall brand voice around the community we serve, we’ve built a brand that truly is for the locals. 

    Overtime, we want our brand’s being to be ingrained in the minds of consumers. They should have the same impression no matter where they first encountered the32789. And as we continue bringing news and current events to the Winter Park community via the brand we’re so proud of via the32789, Findsome & Winmore will be behind the scenes creating lasting brands just like this one for our clients.