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  1. A Non-Resident’s Guide to Baldwin Park

    Baldwin Park is sort of a world between worlds. Nestled near Downtown Orlando, up the road from UCF and a bike ride from the Audubon Park Garden District, Milk District, Mills 50 and more, this big-little neighborhood is basically the cold cuts in a best-of-Orlando sandwich. But what’s actually within this suburban sanctuary? As it turns out, more than a golf course and well-landscaped lawns.

    Baldwin Park Streets

    Our office calls Baldwin Park “home,” meaning my compatriots and I have gotten quite familiar with our work ‘hood. Admittedly, few of us ever frequented the area until we were forced to, but even as a relatively-hard-to-please, jaded millennial (*insert simultaneous heavy sigh, eye roll and arm cross), I was pleasantly surprised by a lot of what our nine-to-five locale offers up.

    Hunger for More

    Though some may find Baldwin Park a bit far-removed from the culinary scenes that surround it, there is gold to be found by simply taking a stroll down New Broad Street.

    • Colibri Mexican Cuisine: A Findsome favorite, Colibri dishes out the Tex-Mex staples you know and love, plus more. Though I often stick to the quesadilla meal (the buttery, lightly crispy tortilla seals the deal), one of our developers swears by their sub sandwiches, called tortas. French fries are also available for those looking to give the rice a rest.
    • Osprey Tavern: An unexpected diamond right in our office’s backyard, Osprey offers dishes and cocktails that exemplify one word: care. From the oak-fired hangar steak to the venison served with celery seed spätzle, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better spot to have a romantic date night, accentuated with a dish that’s sure to impress. Their list of original and classic cocktails and expertly picked craft beer and wine selections can go head-to-head with some of Orlando’s best.

    Osprey Tavern

    • Seito Sushi & New Japanese: We’ve already sung the praises of this haven for sushi, ramen and a list of East Asian dishes that may just surprise you. Their tonkotsu ramen, salmon lunch meal and bao buns get especially high marks from our team.

    Seito Sushi

    • Provisions & Buzz Co.: OK, full disclosure here–we were the creative minds behind the rebranding of the-restaurant-formerly-known-as Jack’s Steakhouse. Even so, with an inventive, fresh menu and inspired cocktail, beer and wine list, this is an undeniably solid choice for dinner, after-work drinks or even brunch.
    • Gator’s Dockside: So it’s not fine dining, but if you’re looking to watch a game, eat your weight in chicken wings and enjoy a tall glass of ice-cold something, accept no substitutes.

    Gators Dockside

    • La Bella Luna: Whether grabbing a couple of pies for the creative team or sitting down for a family-style dinner (complete with huge portions of the good stuff), this Italian restaurant has the classics you’re looking for at a quality that’s almost as good as Mama’s. Almost.
    • Five Guys Burger and Fries: Offering (arguably) the best burger in town (though Shake Shack may have something to say about that), they also serve up equally fantastic fries–in a giant bag, no less–and delicious milk shakes. Definitely a go-to for the American classics.

    Work it Out

    Though food is always a good start, there’s more than just ample methods of face-stuffing goodness within Baldwin Park proper. After you’ve had your fill of bao buns, bacon cheeseburgers or…spätzel, you’re going to want to get in a bit of cardio to keep down the lbs (and, of course, have a guilt-free extra slice of pepperoni). Luckily, Baldwin has the best gym you’ll find: the great outdoors.

    Baldwin Park Lake

    Dotted with scenic parks and ponds in equal measure, much of Baldwin Park looks like the Google image search results for “Suburban Paradise.” However, what truly makes Baldwin Park prime for fitness freaks, power walkers and leisurely strollers alike is the Lake Baldwin Trail.

    Baldwin Park

    Circling the entirety of Lake Baldwin and its surrounding parks, this paved path is 2.5 miles full of scenic views and the perfect length for beginners, while extremely close to the much longer Cady Way Trail that cyclists and long-distance runners enjoy.

    Baldwin Park Bikes

    If gyms are a bit more your speed, Baldwin Park is home to a few boutique-style gyms, including Spectrum Fitness, Rock Hard Fitness and TRUFiT.

    Little Did You Know…

    Baldwin Park has a few secrets up its sleeve that even residents may not know. Through a bit of sleuthing, web searches and in-person exploring, here are the goods:

    • Echoes of the Past: Though the fact that Baldwin Park was once home to the Naval Training Center Orlando is no secret, many don’t realize that the entire area, including what’s now the Orlando Executive Airport, was also utilized by the U.S. Army and Air Force starting in 1940 and ending just a little under 20 years ago. Today, you’ll be hard-pressed to find remnants of this area’s military history in the town homes and manicured lawns–however, if you look closely, the footprints of our men and women in uniform are still present. Baldwin Park is home to memorials representing:
      • Daughters of the American Revolution
      • Vietnamese-American Memorial Committee
      • Fleet Reserve Association
      • Italian American War Veterans of the United States
      • Central Florida Veterans Memorial Park Foundation
      • Colonial Dames
      • Purple Heart
      • Pearl Harbor Survivors Association
      • The United States Marine Corps

    Blue Jacket Park

    Most recently, the lone statue modeled after a second-class Navy petty officer boatswain’s mate was erected in Blue Jacket Park (just off of the Lake Baldwin Trail), so take a moment to say hello to “Boats” on your next morning jog.

    Blue Jacket Park Memorial

    • A Secret Sip: We’re going to let you in on a little secret. There are a few options for places to get adult beverages in Baldwin Park, but under hushed whispers, a few of us speak of a hidden gem known simply as Uptown Wine Bar. Featuring great atmosphere, hometown vibe and a local craft beer and wine list to boot, this is almost our speakeasy of sorts. Shh, keep it just between you and us.

    Uptown Wine Bar

    • Something Sweet: Farris and Foster’s Famous Chocolate Factory is easy to miss but hard to forget once you step inside this chocoholic’s dream. Whether you’re scheduling a chocolate-making party or just popping in to pick up dessert, do not leave Baldwin Park without tasting one of these treats.
    • Baldwin Bark: If you’re looking for a dog-friendly day out, Baldwin Park is definitely a good choice. With water bowls outside many of the businesses, the aforementioned scenic trail around Lake Baldwin and a dog park with lake access, this is the perfect place for some quality pup bonding time.

    Baldwin Park

    So that’s about the long and short of it. Baldwin Park may seem a bit sleepy, but there is certainly enough to warrant visiting for a day trip, romantic dinner date or cardio sesh. Plus, we hear there’s a certain digital marketing agency worth its salt in there too *cough*shameless plug*cough*.

  2. Bohn Appetit: Searching for Orlando’s Best Business Lunches and Happy Hour Hideaways

    Orlando's Best Business Lunches

    Whether you’re just escaping the office for an hour or making a vital first impression on a client, there can be a lot more riding on a business lunch than just quelling a bad case of hunger-induced grumpiness. What if the service is too slow? Will we be able to find a table? Is the food good? With this city on a steady (and welcome) upward foodie culture trajectory, your options when searching for Orlando’s best business lunches and happy hours are only getting larger. But don’t worry, we know a guy.

    Introducing Bohn Chhim, Findsome & Winmore designer by day, foodie philanthropist by night. In the new blog series, Bohn Appetit, our titular hero is prepared to venture across this sprawling and eclectic city, as well as its various suburbs, to find the perfect eats and drinks to satiate Orlando’s professionals. From tried and true staples that you may have missed to hidden gems that you need to experience for yourself, Bohn is ready to eat and drink his way across The City Beautiful. It’s a tough gig and we sincerely hope he’ll be alright (though we get the feeling he’ll be just fine).

    So, for our very first entry, Bohn has selected one of our office’s picks for Orlando’s best business lunches, Seito Sushi. Within walking distance from Findsome & Winmore in the rather isolated community of Baldwin Park, if you’re looking for sushi, ramen or Japanese grilled favorites, this spot is absolutely worth your time.

    Seito Sushi, Baldwin Park | Bohn’s Breakdown

    Dishes to Try


    Orlando's Best Business Lunches

    • Spicy Tuna Kobachi – If you like the taste of tuna, the Spicy Tuna Kobachi is basically sashimi grade tuna served with a special type of chili spices and sesame oil. They’re nice chunks of tuna that you can (and should) share with a date or friend. The spice is not too overpowering and you can still taste the fish with every bite. If you’re craving something else but you still want sushi, this is a good appetizer to add on.

    Orlando's Best Business Lunches

    • Pork Belly Bao Buns – THE TRUTH! Seriously, everyone in the office loves the bao buns. Typically, bao is a steamed bread bun stuffed with various fillings (meat, sweets, etc) inside. Seito’s version is folded around the filling, which usually happens to be pork belly, but I have seen different kinds there before. Definitely a must-try for anyone new to the place.

    Orlando's Best Business Lunches


    • Tonkotsu Ramen – Before I discovered Seito’s ramen, I’d go all the way to Sapporo Ramen on West Colonial to get decent ramen, but Seito has made that trip a lot shorter. Tonkotsu Ramen is made from a pork base, boiled for hours until you’re left with a rich soup, which Seito tops with braised pork belly and a perfectly cooked, soy-seasoned, soft-boiled egg. You’ll also find pieces of dried seaweed and other garnishes. Perfect for a cold or rainy day. Probably not good for a business meeting with clients, unless you know how to eat noodles carefully. Good luck if you have a beard. (Protip: Put the noodles in the spoon!)

    Orlando's Best Business Lunches

    • Pork Loin Katsu – Panko breaded pork over daikon “hash browns,” topped with a fried egg and sprinkled with chopped green onions. One of our other designers (Juan) tried it for the first time and is seriously hooked. It can be a pretty heavy dish, seeing that it‘s deep fried pork, but sometimes you jus’ gotta treat yo’ self!

    Lunch Deals:

    Orlando's Best Business Lunches

    • Roasted Salmon – Perfect for a light lunch. At $9, you get a piece of Salmon in their white miso sauce, over seasoned vegetables. Last time I got it, it arrived with a side of bok choy which paired surprisingly well with the Salmon. The lunch deal salmon might be a lot smaller than you expect so if you want a larger piece they have a bigger version (Roasted Faroe Island Salmon) that is just as good.


    • Nigiri – Their nigiri is all pretty serious bidness’. I don’t really like eating sushi that is topped with so many ingredients that you can’t taste the fish so nigiri is my usual choice. I’ve tried their scallop, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, etc. and have been seriously blown away. One of our developers (Eric) loves their crab nigiri, which uses real crab and not imitation.


    1. You can get in and out for lunch within an hour if you’re not with a big party. Ask for your check after you receive your food if it might be a concern.
    2. Seating is usually available, both inside and outside, which is perfect for Orlando’s cooler fall and winter days.
    3. Happy Hour is a pretty good deal. $3 Sapporo drafts, $4 single wells, and $6 dishes. You can also get 3 pieces of Nigiri for $6. (Note the food happy hour is Monday – Thursdays, so check first!)
    4. On a personal note, I find the music here to be perfect. They usually play chilled-out hip hop along the lines of Apollo Brown and Nujabes, which makes for a nice, subtle ambience.
    5. $9 lunch deals include a soup and salad.
    6. Tea comes out with a kettle and a constantly rotating selection of teas which has never failed to impress. I love their choices!
    7. Service here is great. I’ve had one issue when I came with a party once and they remade the dish, on the house.  

    The Verdict

    Orlando's Best Business Lunches

    So, I think it’s safe to say, if you’re looking for sushi or an Asian-style lunch in Baldwin Park, Seito is just about the best bet you’ll get. From killer nigiri to bao buns that have left our office singing their praises from the rooftops, they definitely have some choice items that will leave you saying, “arigato.” The ambiance is quiet enough to bring clients, but also hip enough to enjoy with friends and colleagues alike. They also offer a full bar, perfect for planning an after-work meetup during happy hour, which is from 5pm-6:30pm every day.

    Bohn, and basically the entire office, can easily add Seito Sushi to our list of Orlando’s best business lunches.

    But what say you? Have you tried Seito Sushi? Are you about that bao bun life as much as we are? Share your opinion on Seito Sushi or your pick for Orlando’s best business lunches or happy hour spots by hashtagging #BohnAppetit on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Until then, Bohn Appetit, Orlando!


  3. WebSolvers Launches New Responsive Web Design for East End Market

    WebSolvers is thrilled to share with you the launch of a new responsive website for East End Market, a venture we are very excited about. East End Market is a “neighborhood market and cultural food hub inspired by Central Florida’s local farmers and food artisans.” Selfishly, we are excited that East End Market, slated to open soon, will be only a couple of minutes from our Orlando office in Baldwin Park.

    The site itself can be seen below, shown in a desktop -and- mobile view. If you are interested in learning more about responsive web design, feel free to read our short blog post on the subject. In short, it’s a way to built a website that automatically adapts to the device (whether desktop, tablet, or mobile) your user chooses.

    Most importantly, we are grateful for the kind words that the client shared with us about his team’s experience working with WebSolvers:

    I do know that it has been overwhelmingly positive and the launch was the largest viral traffic to our Facebook page we’ve seen. Big thanks to your team for the timely manner with which they delivered the site. With most of our time spent on the farm, in the kitchen and on the go, we needed a design firm that could quickly synthesize the multifaceted nature of our business into a cohesive and thoughtful whole. In short order WebSolvers designed and launched a beautiful new virtual home for our market that digitally embodies the same attention to quality and artisan aesthetic that we champion in the Good Food movement.

    Bravo and Bon Appétit!

    John Rife
    Founder / Owner
    East End Market

    Here are the views of the site itself:

    East End Market Desktop View

    View of the East End Market (Orlando) Desktop Site

    East End Market Mobile Site

    View of the East End Market Mobile Website
















    To visit the site and support this important vision, visit http://www.eastendmkt.com.