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Web Strategy

  1. Home Sweet Homepage

    As advancements in technology continue to develop, companies must find relevant ways to stay connected with the public. One of the strongest methods to create and maintain open communication with your audience remains to have an updated, professional website. The steps that go into assembling or restructuring your website can initially appear daunting as technological…

  2. Website Navigation Best Practices

    Many companies believe that simply getting users to visit their website is the most important goal. In actuality, a more important (and sometimes more difficult) goal to achieve is getting users to stay on the website. There are many reasons a user may prematurely leave a site, but one of the easiest to avoid is…

  3. Does Your Small Business Need a Chatbot?

      Chatbots for Small Business  Siri and Alexa’s not–so–distant cousin – the chatbot – could be the team member you need. Often seen at the bottom of a webpage as a pop-up window or on a company’s contact page, chatbots conduct online convos with customers. Unlike us humans, bots are ready to go day and night, rest-free to provide solutions to customer problems. Small businesses are increasingly implementing the reliable form of artificial intelligence (AI) and often, consumers are pleased…

  4. Why Video Content is King

    The Importance of Video Content for Small Businesses Would you rather read an ad explaining how a product works or watch a demo video showing exactly how it’s done? If you’re like most consumers, video wins. With an overwhelming 72% of us preferring videos to learn about a company’s products and services, having video content is no longer an option for successful small businesses, it’s a must.  While moments worth sharing is a must-have,…

  5. Improving Local SEO for Your Small Business

    It’s always a good time to revise and revitalize local SEO efforts, but with consumers staying close to home this year, what better moment than now? Today, 76% of people searching for a nearby business to suit their needs visit the location within 24 hours, and 28% of these searches result in a sale. With COVID-19 still in our midst, it’s crucial to fortify your small business in every way possible. Revisiting how…

  6. WordPress Website Security Tips During COVID-19

    COVID-19 has forever changed the ways of the World Wide Web. It’s no surprise that we’ve seen a spike in screen time since the start of the pandemic and the digital space is seeing an increase in activity and personal information. Just as we’re spending more time on the web, hackers have taken advantage of new opportunities for cybercrime. Phishing threats have skyrocketed since March, and companies are experiencing as many as 1,185 attacks per month….

  7. What Is The Value Of A Website?

    “I want a new website, and I want it cheap.” Trust me, many people do.  Plus who doesn’t like a bargain deal?  But, maybe there’s a reason why cheap isn’t always better. Maybe you’re a new company, or perhaps an existing company — but you’ve realized you need a new website.  When thinking of the cost and…

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