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Content Marketing

  1. What Should I Write About on My Blog?

    A common question that clients and friends ask me has to do with what to write about on their company blogs.  Once they become used to the idea that having a business blog is a good idea (just check out some of these blogging statistics if you are skeptical), the next concern has to deal with what…

  2. The History of Content Marketing

    Content marketing might be less popular as a term than search marketing and social media marketing, but it certainly is not a new tactic. Looking at some early examples of content marketing not only serve to demonstrate its longevity, but help us to understand it in practice. The history of content marketing is one from…

  3. How Do I Build Search Traffic to my Website?

    Before we get into the heart of this blog post, take a look at the title of the post:  How Do I Build Search Traffic to my Website?  If you’ve come to this post by way of Google, chances are you typed this type of question into the search box.  As I answer that question…

  4. “Medium” is Large On Content

    Two of the internet’s top ten websites have been created by American serial entrepreneur, Evan Williams: Blogger and Twitter. In 2012, he and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone unveiled, the word-centric website for clever content over 140 characters. Medium’s goal is to provide a platform for writers, meaningful content to “readers” and the ability to…

  5. Company Blogs: Why Yours Should Have One

    “Why?” “What’s the point?” and “How?” These are the first three questions we hear when recommending that a company start a blog. The truth is, blogs are misunderstood. Blogging is not only meant for the foodie, fashionista or world-traveler. B2B firms, companies in specialized industries, and small businesses are all seeing more success than ever…

  6. Web Design Meets Content Marketing: Coca-Cola

    I am always interested in how the world’s marketing and digital marketing leaders are breaking new ground online. A particular web design article caught my attention this week as it profiled Coca-Cola‘s recent corporate website re-design effort. Coke’s new website looks more like a news portal than a corporate brochure. The upper area of the…

  7. Content Marketing Infographic

    Content marketing is an ever-evolving marketing practice area.  Although the idea of content marketing has been around for decades, the explosiveness of digital marketing has taken it to a whole new level.  The content marketing infographic below paints a present-day story of how producing content can help your brand find and win customers.  

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