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Video Marketing

  1. Why Video Content is King

    The Importance of Video Content for Small Businesses Would you rather read an ad explaining how a product works or watch a demo video showing exactly how it’s done? If you’re like most consumers, video wins. With an overwhelming 72% of us preferring videos to learn about a company’s products and services, having video content is no longer an option for successful small businesses, it’s a must.  While moments worth sharing is a must-have,…

  2. Are Company Videos Worth the Investment?

    Grab your popcorn and “small” soda (that’ll be $25.68, please): your brand could be in the movies, kid. Only, we’re skipping the silver screen for a venue that’s universally available in pockets, purses and laptops from here to Timbuktu. With many free video hosting options literally at your fingertips, creating company videos has never been…

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