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  1. Findsome & Winmore Maintains Growth During First Half of 2017

    Findsome & Winmore, the classic digital marketing agency that helps clients “find and win” new customers, had a successful first half of 2017, adding eight new clients across numerous industries during the first two quarters of the year. Clients enlisting the services of Findsome & Winmore during the first two quarters of 2017 include Orlando…

  2. 9 Tips to Help You Stay Cool in the Summer

    It’s official – summer has arrived. It seems to be an accepted fact among Floridians, especially those of us that live here in Central Florida, that summer is, well, hot. I’m not talking about that peaceful kind of hot – the hot where fitness enthusiasts can go jogging and look glamorous while doing it. No,…

  3. 4 Reasons Your News Isn’t Getting Picked Up

    We’ve all been there – you have an interesting piece of news to share with the media, you’ve written a solid press release and/or pitch that adequately summarizes the news, you’re feeling great about your media list… and you’re hearing crickets. If you’re giving it your all and your news still isn’t getting picked up…

  4. It’s National Punctuation Day! Let’s Talk About Digital Communication

    Happy National Punctuation Day, grammar nerds! As a self-proclaimed grammar geek myself, I hold today in high regard. Grammar’s not easy; the English language is filled with strange rules, weird symbols, and a vast array of vernacular that is slowly creeping its way into everyday, accepted use. National Punctuation Day may be about celebrating the…

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