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Social Media Management

  1. Dodge Durango Pitched by Ron Burgundy: It’s Kind of a Big Deal

    Ron Burgundy is undoubtedly Will Ferrell’s most defining character, but let’s be honest. He’s the last spokesperson anyone expected Dodge to tap for launch of the 2014 Durango SUV. Yet, Dodge’s leap-of-faith campaign to cross promote the 2014 Durango and “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” has clearly succeeded. The measurable results of the multi-platform broadcast,…

  2. Mobile Advertising: Is it Right for Your Business?

    Have you noticed how display advertisements are appearing on your mobile phone throughout the day? We see mobile ads in mobile apps, web browsers, and on social networking sites. Have you ever clicked on one or wondered about the ROI of mobile advertising? New research is helping us answer these questions. A recent piece in…

  3. Instagram Advertising ROI by the Numbers

    Instagram advertising is here and showing great potential. The first Instagram ad by fashion brand Michael Kors was spotted in November 2013 sporting a “sponsored” label and created quite the buzz. Instagram revealed last month that it would begin offering sponsored posts and delivered a preview of what it would look like. Instagram has held…

  4. Content Marketing Infographic

    Content marketing is an ever-evolving marketing practice area.  Although the idea of content marketing has been around for decades, the explosiveness of digital marketing has taken it to a whole new level.  The content marketing infographic below paints a present-day story of how producing content can help your brand find and win customers.  

  5. Social Media Marketing Drives Search Engine Marketing

    Every two years, Moz (formerly surveys a group of SEO experts and asks them to give their opinions on what factors they believe will be most important in driving search engine rankings.  Since Google and other search engines do not make the mechanics of their algorithms publicly available, surveys like this are important to try…

  6. Social Media Infographic

    Meet Jane.  She’s a prototypical customer and marketers trying to reach her need to be smarter than ever.  Our social media infographic shows just how you can be at the right place at the right time:  when Jane is ready to make a buying decision.

  7. Web Design Presentation to Orlando / Florida Cleantech Accelerator Network

    WebSolvers had the honor of delivering a Webinar to the entrepreneurs at the Florida Cleantech Accelerator Network (FL-CAN).  FL-CAN is affiliated with the University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL) and is funded by the Economic Development Administration and the US Department of Energy.  The topic of the presentation was Website Strategies and covered topics like…