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Social Media Management

  1. There’s No Debate: Professionals Need to Stay Cool During Heated Presidential Debates

      It’s really no surprise that the presidential debates always garner high ratings and produce a hotbed of headlines up until election time. Of course, with all eyes on the nation’s frontrunners for the race to the White House, people tend to have opinions; however, we recommend that professionals refrain from expressing such opinions on their social…

  2. Grassroots Marketing Done Geeky: What Brands Can Learn from Comic Con

    San Diego; “America’s Finest City” and California’s second largest city on the picturesque Pacific Coast. However, for just a few days every year, this city hosts Comic Con — a mecca for superheroes, movie stars and more than 130,000 deeply dedicated fans and press outlets. In fact, dedication doesn’t quite capture the level of fervor,…

  3. Conquer LinkedIn In Just 10 Minutes A Day

    You’re a businessperson. Your phone probably rings 10 times before 9:30 AM, and you can’t even bear to look at your e-mail lest another crisis arrive signed with a frantic, “Best.” I understand — you’ve got a full to-do list. The last thing you need to do is get involved with social media, even though…

  4. LinkedIn Blogs: Why The Cool Kids Are Doing It

    If you’ve logged into LinkedIn within the past year, you’ve been greeted by Pulse news recommendations customized “just for you!” as the featured content in your LinkedIn feed. What began as a digital publishing platform for news sources and exclusive LinkedIn “Influencers” (see what they did there?), is now one of the most effective yet under-utilized…

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