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Social Media Management

  1. Talking the ‘Tok: Finding Success on TikTok

    Get ready to talk the ‘Tok. TikTok, that is. The video-sharing app has long alluded both millennials and baby boomers, but the platform once dominated by teens has grown into one used by celebrities, influencers, brands and publishers alike. So, as the kids say, don’t sleep on it.  Although it’s been part of the social media scene for a few years now, TikTok is riding a wave of popularity that shows no signs of slowing down. Trust us, the numbers don’t lie. Since its launch in 2017, TikTok has acquired 800 million monthly active users and has…

  2. Facebook Best Practices for Businesses

    Marketing on Facebook continues to evolve before our eyes. With the most recent and seemingly ongoing algorithm changes, agencies and marketers are being forced to roll with the proverbial punches as they navigate the uncertain waters of drafting paid and organic content strategy plans and tactics for each new quarter. Businesses are constantly being challenged…

  3. 3 Tips to Help Your Business Handle the Facebook Algorithm Update

    Ah, social media. Like death and taxes, social media’s constantly changing nature is perhaps the only other absolute in this life. Though unsurprising, the new Facebook algorithm update is absolutely worth digging into, especially if you promote your brand on the social platform. To help guide the way through this substantial update to the top-secret…

  4. It All “Ads” Up: How Do I Use Facebook Ads?

    More than just a place to keep in touch with old college roommates and Aunt Joanie (you really should call more, you know), Facebook has become quite the marketing tool for companies around the world. Offering a free marketing channel allowing potential customers the chance at product discovery and fans the ability to interact and…

  5. LinkedIn Image Dimensions Update

    Imagery has proven, time and time again, to be a vital element of catching your audience’s eye; this does not change when it comes to your company’s social media profiles. Many social media channels contain page-spanning images that add a huge opportunity to quickly draw attention and add some branding flair to your page. Unfortunately,…

  6. How #Brands Can Use Hashtags for Big Wins

    For many, hashtags are an enigma–a social media buzzword along the likes of “virality” and “geotagging.” However, this method of virtually labeling and grouping terms has become valuable enough to warrant the attention of any modern businessperson. Though a pop culture punchline, hashtags are an essential tool for multinational brands to small businesses, car manufacturers…

  7. The New Instagram Logo: Good, Bad or Meh?

    Change is hard and the internet can be, well, let’s call it, “judgmental.” From the knee-jerk hatred for any and all of Facebook’s usability updates to Instagram’s recent algorithm change, there seems to be an immediate and impassioned push to slam even the proposition of change in the social media apps we use every day….

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