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Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

  1. Should I Start a Google AdWords Campaign? What You Need to Know Before You Start Your Campaign

    Appearing in the number one spot on Google by simply shelling out some cash may sound like a no-brainer, but there are a few items to consider before you start re-allocating your marketing dollars. Just like any campaign, Google AdWords requires (you guessed it) strategy–and lots of it. Should I Start a Google AdWords Campaign?…

  2. 5 Reasons Why Google’s Just Not That into You

    “Why am I not ranking for this word/phrase?” is a question we hear frequently when discussing search engine optimization (SEO). It’s a tough question to answer, because the truth is, Google has an algorithm it uses to rank websites that goes far beyond keywords. So before youy pull your hair out trying to climb the…

  3. The History of Content Marketing

    Content marketing might be less popular as a term than search marketing and social media marketing, but it certainly is not a new tactic. Looking at some early examples of content marketing not only serve to demonstrate its longevity, but help us to understand it in practice. The history of content marketing is one from…

  4. How Do I Build Search Traffic to my Website?

    Before we get into the heart of this blog post, take a look at the title of the post:  How Do I Build Search Traffic to my Website?  If you’ve come to this post by way of Google, chances are you typed this type of question into the search box.  As I answer that question…

  5. Building Search Engine and Blog Traffic Takes Time

    Building search engine and blog traffic through content marketing and search engine optimization take time.  I have yet to meet a client that does not want steadily increasing traffic from organic SEO efforts.  It’s a natural desire because companies would rather acquire web visitors this way instead of paying for PPC ads on Google. But…

  6. Content Marketing Infographic

    Content marketing is an ever-evolving marketing practice area.  Although the idea of content marketing has been around for decades, the explosiveness of digital marketing has taken it to a whole new level.  The content marketing infographic below paints a present-day story of how producing content can help your brand find and win customers.  

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