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Search Engine Optimization

  1. Google’s Knowledge Graph: How to Get Your Business to Appear in Google’s Sidebar

    What is a Knowledge Graph? As visibility on Google becomes more important, we are often asked how to get business information in the mystical sidebar that appears on Google’s search results. This is called Google’s Knowledge Graph, and it is an aggregate of numerous data points that are created to show users a snapshot of…

  2. Should I Start a Google AdWords Campaign? What You Need to Know Before You Start Your Campaign

    Appearing in the number one spot on Google by simply shelling out some cash may sound like a no-brainer, but there are a few items to consider before you start re-allocating your marketing dollars. Just like any campaign, Google AdWords requires (you guessed it) strategy–and lots of it. Should I Start a Google AdWords Campaign?…

  3. 5 Reasons Why Google’s Just Not That into You

    “Why am I not ranking for this word/phrase?” is a question we hear frequently when discussing search engine optimization (SEO). It’s a tough question to answer, because the truth is, Google has an algorithm it uses to rank websites that goes far beyond keywords. So before youy pull your hair out trying to climb the…

  4. Beauty AND Brains: 5 Things to Consider Before a Website Redesign

    There’s no question that everyone loves a beautiful website. Design matters, and your website design should reflect your brand and capture your target audience. While falling in lust with a pretty site is easy to do, we consider ourselves the serious-relationship-type. A beautiful website that lacks the right content, user-experience or call-to-action is essentially beauty…

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