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Product Reviews

  1. Email Marketing: Building Your List On The Go

    Most of the marketing buzz these days is around social media marketing, but we still think that email marketing is a very important part of the digital marketing mix.  Email is still a major communication vehicle for most and many expect it to be critical for years to come.  Some even still characterize email as…

  2. Notes on the Evernote Smart Notebook

    Matt and I use Evernote to take, organize and search for previously taken notes. Evernote keeps your notes in the cloud, so they’re available anywhere that you have access to the internet. The Evernote Smart Notebook is a snazzy moleskine designed especially for Evernote, containing special paper to allow for the use of auto-cropping and…

  3. Chargify Product Review

    One of the highest aims for any sales-minded organization is to build a stream of recurring revenue.  Over time, traditional businesses like cable companies, self-storage facilities, and garbage haulers have prevailed by selling subscriptions to services.  Instead of selling singular products (think about a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman) where the transaction is typically “one and…

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