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  1. Grassroots Marketing Done Geeky: What Brands Can Learn from Comic Con

    San Diego; “America’s Finest City” and California’s second largest city on the picturesque Pacific Coast. However, for just a few days every year, this city hosts Comic Con — a mecca for superheroes, movie stars and more than 130,000 deeply dedicated fans and press outlets. In fact, dedication doesn’t quite capture the level of fervor,…

  2. Should I Consider Email In My Marketing Plan?

    It’s been over four decades since email was first created. Through the years, it’s evolved into being the King within a marketer’s deck of cards. Before we get into the nitty gritty of why email is so essential to your marketing plan, it’s best to explain how it has impacted us from past to present. Presently,…

  3. Marketing to Generation Z

    I am getting married soon and my ten-year-old bonus child (we like that better than “stepchild”) plays Minecraft like I played Pac-Man.  Except I played in an arcade with tokens.  He plays for free.  In our living room.  On a computer.  While on FaceTime with his friends while they battle strangers from around the world….

  4. The Most Important Social Network of All

    Pull up any marketing article these days and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn get more accolades than you can shake a stick at.  And understandably so.  After all, the growth of these social networks in terms of users, revenue and valuation has been astronomical.  The numbers are staggering. But a renowned business expert that I…