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Internet Marketing

  1. Customer Reviews as a Marketing Tool

    When you’re eyeing a new product or service online or thinking about trying a new restaurant in town, what’s your first step? Likely, your first instinct in the internet era is to scroll through the customer reviews. Online reviews can truly be considered the new, digital word-of-mouth as they offer feedback and experiences from real…

  2. How Do I Build Search Traffic to my Website?

    Before we get into the heart of this blog post, take a look at the title of the post:  How Do I Build Search Traffic to my Website?  If you’ve come to this post by way of Google, chances are you typed this type of question into the search box.  As I answer that question…

  3. Building Search Engine and Blog Traffic Takes Time

    Building search engine and blog traffic through content marketing and search engine optimization take time.  I have yet to meet a client that does not want steadily increasing traffic from organic SEO efforts.  It’s a natural desire because companies would rather acquire web visitors this way instead of paying for PPC ads on Google. But…

  4. Content Marketing Infographic

    Content marketing is an ever-evolving marketing practice area.  Although the idea of content marketing has been around for decades, the explosiveness of digital marketing has taken it to a whole new level.  The content marketing infographic below paints a present-day story of how producing content can help your brand find and win customers.  

  5. Social Media Marketing Drives Search Engine Marketing

    Every two years, Moz (formerly surveys a group of SEO experts and asks them to give their opinions on what factors they believe will be most important in driving search engine rankings.  Since Google and other search engines do not make the mechanics of their algorithms publicly available, surveys like this are important to try…

  6. Email Marketing: Building Your List On The Go

    Most of the marketing buzz these days is around social media marketing, but we still think that email marketing is a very important part of the digital marketing mix.  Email is still a major communication vehicle for most and many expect it to be critical for years to come.  Some even still characterize email as…

  7. What Should I Write About on My Company Blog?

    When it comes to your company blog, a little thought goes a long way.  Most marketers agree that effective content marketing is an increasingly important part of reaching new customers.  Consumers are continuing to shun ads in favor of objective, educational content.  Companies that are trying to grow are seeking to tap into this trend…

  8. Social Media Infographic

    Meet Jane.  She’s a prototypical customer and marketers trying to reach her need to be smarter than ever.  Our social media infographic shows just how you can be at the right place at the right time:  when Jane is ready to make a buying decision.

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