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Formulaic: How Thriving Companies Market from the Core

  1. Give it Away: 3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Create Shareable Content and Distribute it for Free

      The world has changed since I founded my digital marketing agency, Findsome & Winmore, in 1995. Hashtags were pound signs, dial-up internet tied up our landlines and web 2.0 hadn’t shown its full potential. But we have evolved with the times, adopting tactics that may have once seemed ludicrous or impossible before the renaissance…

  2. Corporate Culture: Marketing Your Company from the Inside Out

    “If your company is an engine, think of culture as the lubrication that makes all the parts work together.” Matt Certo, Formulaic You’ve probably heard it before but it’s a lesson worth repeating: establishing a strong corporate culture is vital to its success. The hours spent strategizing and planning corporate culture, incorporating defined values into everyday…

  3. Spinning a Yarn: The Science of Storytelling

    From cave paintings to the latest Star Wars movie, storytelling is something intrinsically human. There’s something about it–the structure of beginning, middle and end–that has entranced and satisfied our minds since before even the development of the written word. In my new book, Formulaic, I’ve shared how incorporating this powerful tool into our own marketing…

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