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  1. LinkedIn Image Dimensions Update

    Imagery has proven, time and time again, to be a vital element of catching your audience’s eye; this does not change when it comes to your company’s social media profiles. Many social media channels contain page-spanning images that add a huge opportunity to quickly draw attention and add some branding flair to your page. Unfortunately,…

  2. Design Trends to Leave and Embrace in 2017

    From your favorite small-time, local podcast to the mocha-peddling monolith you frequent for non-fat cinnaspice lattes, every brand relies on design. Regardless of size, industry or language, the visual medium never loses its importance, and it’s something that we, as creatives, pay special attention to at every opportunity. Yes, we’re the annoying people who overanalyze…

  3. The New Instagram Logo: Good, Bad or Meh?

    Change is hard and the internet can be, well, let’s call it, “judgmental.” From the knee-jerk hatred for any and all of Facebook’s usability updates to Instagram’s recent algorithm change, there seems to be an immediate and impassioned push to slam even the proposition of change in the social media apps we use every day….