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  1. Sparking Creativity: An Art Director’s Take on How to Overcome Creative Block

    Creativity can take many forms. Writers, artists, graphic designers, stylists, decorators, filmmakers, directors, composers, photographers, and so many others all fall into the category of “creatives.” We are the doers, the designers, and the makers. It is in our DNA to create, and many of us can hardly remember a time when we weren’t being…

  2. The Good News | Dec. 2018-Jan. 2019

    {Agency News with Lift!} Client Corner Transforming the CECO Site for the Transformational Non-Profit Organization Our team recently launched a new website for The Conductive Education Center of Orlando (CECO), a nonprofit organization that transforms the lives of children and adults with motor disabilities. Working closely with CECO personnel, we developed a site that not…

  3. Top 3 Website Trends to Watch For in 2019

    There’s no mistaking that we’re facing a period of transition in all things digital. Artificial intelligence, visual search, and practically anything with the word “smart” in front of it is getting all of the attention right now, and rightfully so–it’s exciting. In fact, just the other day, I kept saying “Alexa” when I meant to…

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