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  1. Doing More With Less: 3 Ways to Effectively Repurpose Marketing Content

    In today’s world, people often approach traditional marketing efforts with a sense of skepticism––the average consumer can spot an advertisement from a mile away. This has made it that much harder to influence them to buy your product or service. As a result, content marketing (such as blogs, social media and videos) has become a…

  2. Home Sweet Homepage

    As advancements in technology continue to develop, companies must find relevant ways to stay connected with the public. One of the strongest methods to create and maintain open communication with your audience remains to have an updated, professional website. The steps that go into assembling or restructuring your website can initially appear daunting as technological…

  3. How Marketing Agencies Can Help Your Brand Soar to New Heights

    Working with a marketing agency unlocks multiple opportunities to reach your company’s goals. How? Because when you hire an agency, you’re getting the collective expertise of not just one person—but an entire team of experts. From graphic designers and copywriters to web developers, everyone has a highly specialized skill that can help your company succeed….

  4. Dr. Seuss, Arby’s Tweets and Bernie Sanders’ Mittens: How to Capitalize on Trends to Maximize Your Content Marketing Reach

    It’s the beginning of the year, and like most companies, you’re probably reflecting on big wins from 2021 and setting marketing goals for 2022. Undoubtedly, social media and other content creation lie somewhere on that list. According to Demand Metric, 90 percent of organizations utilize content marketing. One obvious strategy is to connect your company…

  5. 5 Steps to Creating an Engaging Email Newsletter

    It’s a Monday morning and you’re scrolling through your inbox, coffee in hand. You’re probably picking and choosing which emails you want to open based on how enticing each subject line is, right? Writing a compelling subject line is a rule of thumb for email marketing, but you can’t stop there — getting your subscribers…

  6. Website Navigation Best Practices

    Many companies believe that simply getting users to visit their website is the most important goal. In actuality, a more important (and sometimes more difficult) goal to achieve is getting users to stay on the website. There are many reasons a user may prematurely leave a site, but one of the easiest to avoid is…

  7. Olympic-Sized Lessons: What are the new rules for networking in a post-COVID world?

    It’s a momentous time for athletes—the pinnacles of their careers—the Olympic Games. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics nearing, I started thinking about the time I worked for the 1996 Atlanta Committee for the Games. I was part of a ticket sales team who sold executive suites and ticket packages for companies and individuals who had…

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