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Mosaic Wealth

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Financial Planning Made Beautiful

Mosaic Wealth Management Group chose Findsome & Winmore to strengthen their online presence. The goal was to emerge more creative, contemporary and mobile-friendly with a repurposed message. With three audiences defined by stage of life driving their unique approach – Financial Life Planning, Mosaic knew what they wanted to convey, they just needed marketing experts to help them succeed.

To effectively reach Mosaic’s prospects and clearly define their goals, we employed a visual narrative. Via web, we demonstrate how finances fit within each life stage. With a scalable vector graphic animation to guide the user’s journey through the homepage, we proposed a purposeful flow from one life stage to the next. And as we ventured through the discovery phase, our findings and ideas inspired updates to Mosaic’s original content, creating better alignment with their new messaging strategy.

For the stunning visual elements to operate to their fullest potential, performance was a priority. We revamped Mosaic’s hybrid website to be powered by a highly detailed web application with WordPress plugins. The web application ensures peak performance and speed capabilities while WordPress allows for simple customization allowing copy and images to be updated at a moment’s notice. As the users are guided through the three life stages, they’re shown how they find their place within Mosaic’s picture. By defining a path that guides users to the information they need, wealth management with Mosaic is easier regardless of stage of life.


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