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Unearthing a Brand

Though they might be a team of skilled medical malpractice lawyers with 100 years of experience between them, Bounds Law Group made one thing abundantly clear: they did not want a law-firm-type brand. We heard them loud and clear.   

Instead, we drilled into the firm’s innate ability to uncover hidden gem cases and turn them into lucrative wins, creating a brand which connected their work to the art of diamond mining. And through creative spanning branded photography, a polished website, and an editorial-quality referral guide for prospective partners, Findsome & Winmore made it clear that Bounds Law Group is a diamond in the rough.


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  • Web Design

Making Expertise Shine

With so much of the world going online, print seems to be on its way out. We read our favorite books on screens, all our favorite magazines now have .com behind their names, and we’ve even built a business through the meteoric rise of all things digital. But to us, this just means when you do encounter something in print, it stays with you. Bounds Law Group shared the same belief, wanting to communicate their focused medical malpractice expertise to referral partners via a tactile kit rather than a mobile-friendly PDF.    

The Findsome & Winmore team meticulously pored over card stock, foil treatments, magnetic closures, and potential layouts, ensuring the completed referral kit was something more than fit to print — all while building a brand-new visual identity to unify every aspect of the Bounds brand. 

Bounds Law Group Direct mail

A Lasting Impression. 

After nearly three years of close collaboration with Bounds Law Group (and numerous meetings, iterations, and visits to the printers), we had a new visual identity and a completed referral kit to boot. The finished product was something that functioned like a pamphlet, felt like a prized coffee table book, and looked like a precious gem. Substantial stock, rich, enveloping colors, and ultra-high-resolution imagery ensured that Bounds Law Group’s referral kit was as refined and sophisticated as they were — evoking emotion and reaffirming referral partners’ faith in this team of medical malpractice masters. Can a PDF do that?  

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