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Ashar Group

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Making the Complicated Simple

As industry leaders in a market often misunderstood, Ashar Group had over 17 years of valuable information to share. However, they feared the jargon and details that come with truly understanding the life settlement industry was hindering user experience. In an industry that isn’t known for transparency, Ashar wanted to voice the opposite: the client’s best interest is their only interest. Facing a potentially overwhelming amount of information for their website and an equally complex navigation process, they looked to us as a guiding light.


  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design

To tell Ashar’s story in the most efficient, consumable way possible, consumers needed immediate clarity. We merged that need with Ashar’s desire to stand out from its competitors from an art direction standpoint. As we concepted their modernized web design, we discovered that a total rebrand was necessary to effectively communicate Ashar’s unique process. We prioritized visual storytelling to part the sea of sameness and redesign their family-owned business.

We scaled down content onto a single homepage for a more streamlined user experience. Through segmented tools, we improved accessibility and created dedicated sections for Ashar’s three distinct target audiences. As a graphic representation of one of Ashar’s key differentiators, their policy auction platform, users are greeted by a starfield adorned with lines serving as guideposts. Each line leads to an endpoint symbolizing the client’s best possible outcome and illustrates Ashar Group as the trusted partner in their life settlement experience from start to finish.