Wendy Anderson

Creative Services Manager

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As our creative services manager, Wendy asks “how” not “if.” She makes things happen, ensuring every detail is in place to bring our work to life.

With a maiden name like Smoke, it’s no doubt that Wendy is one cool cat. But while her last name might have changed, her fiery personality is eternal. She spent nearly two decades growing and defining the in-house ad agency at Planet Hollywood, where her responsibilities ranged from overseeing production and managing product flow to wrangling celebrities and empowering creatives. Prior to joining our team, she worked at two prominent Central Florida ad agencies, evolving her skills and growing her network along the way. And at Findsome & Winmore she’s an advocate for creatives, a liaison for account managers, a Ms. Fix-It for clients, and a friend to all.  

Outside of the office, Wendy can be found listening to music, traveling, spending time with her family, and indulging in unforgettable foodie experiences. She’s also an outspoken proponent of “The Five Cs”: cats, concerts, coffee, craft beer, and chocolate.  

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