Tate Fox


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As our copywriter, Tate blends his talent as a communicator and passion for connection to proudly serve as our clients’ mouthpiece.

“Tate can talk to anyone about anything.” That’s high praise; but spend five minutes chatting with him and you’ll see just how accurate this is. As a freelance writer, Tate leveraged this talent to create engaging content for jewelry brands, engineering companies, and real estate start-ups. After spinning his lifelong passion for writing into a successful business, Tate worked with several local agencies before ultimately joining the Findsome & Winmore team. Call his skillset “storytelling acumen” or the “gift of gab” –– we’re just happy to call him our copywriter.  

Outside of the office Tate can be found securing dinner reservations, scouring eBay for vintage t-shirts, or writing about fashion, music, and the intersection of the two for his blog. He lives in Orlando with his fiancée and their cat, Poe, but the trio typically trade the city for the beach when the weekend comes

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