Caitlin Ramirez

Account & Social Media Manager

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Caitlin is our social media guru, seamlessly merging attentive account management and a keen understanding of social strategy. Passionate, creative, and undeniably talented, Caitlin will help your brand shine in the digital landscape.

With over seven years of professional experience, Caitlin’s marketing journey began after receiving her Bachelor of Science in Social Science and Mass Communication from the University of Central Florida. Intrigued by the power of branding — and inspired by icons like Tiffany & Co, Christian Louboutin, and marketing master, Taylor Swift — she joined the industry eager to learn more about this art-slash-science. Nearly a decade later, her desire for knowledge persists, manifesting in her industry-trend obsession and her growing list of professional certifications (most recently, Google Analytics).

But Caitlin is not just a marketing pro: she’s a content creator, foodie, and an active member of the Orlando influencer community. It’s here that she has honed her social media skill set while engaging in her passion for storytelling. Each new restaurant, pop-up shop, or activation is an opportunity to craft captivating content and share stories with new audiences.

When she’s not at the office or an influencer event, Caitlin wears the proud title of dog-mom to the lovely Mr. Louie. You may also find her indulging in a wine tasting or craft beer flight, exploring new destinations, or running (for “fun”).

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