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Jordan Damato

Production Specialist

Jordan’s love for print production began in high school with his first exposure to an AB Dick 9840 printer with a t-head. While in college, Jordan went to work for a mail house, sorting, stuffing and sometimes designing mailers for local businesses. Jordan moved on to an electronics manufacturer, where he lead the rebrand of all company assets, signage and websites, in addition to the design and production of private-label and house-brand packaging.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, he moved to Orlando. Working with a niche agency to design for manufacturers of building products and services, then landing at a young ad agency in Downtown Orlando, Jordan spent the next eight years in a flurry of new adventures and long nights. Projects as small as branded buttons and as large as a retail store provided him an unmatched education in print and digital production.

Now serving as Findsome & Winmore’s production specialist, Jordan is a key contributor to the creative team, providing consistent and effective production art services, traditional and digital production management, and digital production services.

When not being the paragon of print production at Findsome & Winmore, Jordan loves collecting, customizing and generally pining over Kidrobot, Toy2r and Play Imaginative art toys.