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Austin Cheeley


There may not be a long drive from the coast of Safety Harbor, Florida to Winter Park, but Austin has certainly come a long way. An avid creator from the start, she first exercised her love for writing and design when she rose to editor-in-chief of her high school yearbook. Ultimately, writing won her heart. After graduating from the University of Central Florida with an advertising and public relations degree, she was hungry to enter the ad world. She spent summer 2019 with R/GA San Francisco creating copy for a major Slack campaign. Now she does words at Findsome & Winmore.

As copywriter, Austin wrangles all things writing with creativity guiding her every move. From captions to CTAs, she constantly brings her passion and perspective while keeping clients top of mind.

When she’s not tweaking typos, you’ll find Austin volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club, scrolling through Pinterest, or taking her horoscope way too seriously.

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