We’ve Landed!: Celebrating Our New Launchpad in Winter Park

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It wasn’t long ago that our Orlando marketing agency was nestled in the heart of Baldwin Park. Though the area was convenient for multiple reasons (steps away from happy hour, I mean, come on), with progress often comes change. So, we bid farewell to our former home for something new–and we found just that.  

As we’ve covered in a previous post, our new home is a former school that sat dormant until our partners in Foundry Commercial discovered its potential. From there, our friends at Baker Barrios Architects further explored that potential and, along with Watson Sloan Johnson and others, made our dream of a functional-yet-creative workspace a brick-and-mortar reality. Moreover, this new Winter Park office marks a milestone for our company: it is an office building we can call all our own. 

Though we’ve been working from this new office for a few months, nothing is quite official until you throw a party for it. So, that’s exactly what our Winter Park digital marketing agency did. And it was a blast.

Inviting our close friends, family, partners and clients for a celebration of new beginnings, growth and success for years to come, it was a fun night of raising glasses, spirited conversation and a healthy amount of showing off our new digs. For some guests, it was their first time touring our two-story, fully customized building, with aesthetics that evoke exploration, travel and the flight motif borrowed from our hot air balloon logo and website. After touring the office, guests were greeted with a custom cocktail (True North), hors-d’oeuvres and some quality face-to-face time with our team.

Though this event was planned as a fun (and much-needed) celebration after the trials and tribulations that come with a move as big as this, our “We’ve Landed” party was much more than that. It wasn’t some self-centered pat on the back, nor a simple attention-seeking photo op. This event was an opportunity for our clients, partners and friends to see what they’ve helped build. We literally wouldn’t be here without them, so we couldn’t think of a better way to say thank you than inviting them to raise a glass with us in our new marketing agency HQ.

Cheers to the new office, new opportunity and old friends who helped us get to this milestone.