WebSolvers Launches Pickify App for iPhone, Wins Orlando Addy Award

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Pickify is an iPhone app that helps you get feedback from your friends on important (or unimportant) choices that you face.

Some of the best ideas come from simply observing the world around us and taking note.  Our client, Dr. Rick Ross, is a prime example.

Rick is a doctor of optometry (he happens to be optometrist to the Orlando Magic) and has  observed an interesting phenomenon with his patients.  “I have been noticing that patients who were unsure about which eyeglasses looked good on them would ask their friends for feedback.  Interestingly enough, they would take pictures of themselves wearing different pairs of glasses and e-mail them to friends and family to get their opinion.”  It was in observing this very trend that Pickify was born.

Pickify is a free app for people who want to get outside feedback on a decision they are facing.  It could be what dress to wear, what food to eat, or where to go on vacation.  Pickify users poll friends, family, and strangers on everything from what drapes look better with a rug to whether Lebron James is a better basketball player than Kobe Bryant.

Pickify can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and is free to download and use. We are also proud to announce that our work on the app was recognized with an Orlando Addy Award.

For a preview, here are a few screen shots that demonstrate how the app works.

Users can login with Facebook, Twitter, or with a valid e-mail address.

Adding a new poll is easy. Just take a picture (or add one from your camera roll) for each option you want to poll and click ‘Share.’

The options you arrive at are presented to your friends side-by-side. They can select the option they favor by selecting the corresponding check mark.

The voting results are displayed for you to see in simple percentages.

Your friends can also comment on your poll if they want to give you additional feedback.

For more information on Pickify, please visit the Pickify website (seen below) or download directly from the Apple App Store.


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