The WB Brings Podcasting to Viewers

Last night I was watching this week’s One Tree Hill which mentioned podcasting not once, not twice, but three (!) times. The third time was during the ending which referenced “For more information on Peyton’s podcast, visit or iTunes now.” If you have no idea what this refers to, Peyton’s Dad suggested she talk to a therapist so she decided to broadcast her thoughts to the world via podcasting in an effort to clear her head. Listen to Peyton’s Podcast.
Anyways, I just thought it was interesting how all the talk about podcasting is spreading in popularity regardless of an individual’s positives or negatives on it.
While finding the actual link for the podcast wasn’t exactly effortless (iTunes required), the TV/Internet media integration has many benefits: improving ratings, captivating audiences and giving viewers an opportunity to develop a relationship with the characters. Just something to think about for other media avenues as well…