Hello, my name is __________.

I’m sure our office remembers the discussions we had when trying to decide whether we should add author photos to our blog (not to mention the trouble actually determining a shot to use). Well, here’s more proof that we made a beneficial decision to the Web world — and that what used to ooze with anonymity is now becoming pleasantly personable.
Tony Ruscoe, on the Forty Faces site, commented on the benefits of including personality online and “to some extent” agreeing with Jakob Neilson’s Web Usability: The Top 10 Design Mistakes regarding Web and real worlds. He also made note of these ideas becoming potential upgrades in the future for Philipp Lenssen’s (the creator of Forty Faces) project.

…Jakob Nielsen claims that a photo “offers a more personable impression of the author” and connects the virtual and “physical worlds”. To some extent, I think he’s right. He also suggests that author biographies add credibility to the opinions and thoughts expressed in a blog, so it will be interesting to see whether Philipp adds these to the Forty Faces site too.

With my face added to the list, I am looking forward to seeing where this will take us. To INFINITY and BE–wait, we’re supposed to be people here. You didn’t read that.