Googled: The End of the World as We Know It

It’s not uncommon to hear Google’s company name discussed in the vein of superlatives.  Google’s products have become so ingrained in our society and culture that the company is often referred to as “the most revolutionary in the history of commerce” or “taking over the world.”  In his new book entitled Googled:  The End of The World as We Know It, author Ken Auletta explains how Google arrived at this place.

Auletta, author of several “insider” business titles, was given unprecedented access to Google’s highly private and reclusive founders and top-tier executives.  While the book is a compelling look at the founding and evolution of Google itself, much of what is in the book is already widely known.  Nonetheless, Auletta does a nice job of synthesizing a story that has rapidly evolved over a number of years.

Since Google is so important to those looking to thrive online, greater understanding of the company can’t hurt.  The following are a few interesting points, take-aways, and thoughts for those intrigued by one of the most revolutionary companies in the world:

It could be argued that Auletta’s book could move a bit more rapidly.  However, on the whole, his book delivers a thorough understanding of the company’s culture, evolution, and future direction.  For those seeking to learn more about how Google grows and functions, this book does not disappoint.