Google is Going —>Enter Your Idea Here

Not only have Google’s recent adventures been a frequent topic to post on around here, but they are really working hard at spreading the word. Just this past weekend I was looking through Real Simple and saw a feature on Picasa, a photo editing and organizing program of Google – who knew that would be something shared in a women’s lifestyle magazine focusing on organization, design and inspiration for everyday lives? Well, obviously not me.
While the online company won’t be launching Google Purge to “destroy any information that can’t be indexed” anytime soon, there are growing theories on whether the company is “simply exploring different ways to distribute the ads” or “pursuing a much grander plan that ultimately will transform the way people work, communicate, shop, read and even watch TV.”
With word out about plans to challenge Microsoft Office and their already long list of tools and services, only those inside the company really know where Google will be tomorrow – leaving the rest of us to fill-in-the-blank.