Be Cool. Upgrade your iPod

Wondering just what you can do with your old equipment when you want the newest iPod out there? Trade it in, of course. And the options becoming available won’t make you laugh or cry (unless it’s with joy).
Apple itself will give you a 10% discount via their Recycling Program but they’ve also been known to shut down sales before. Regardless, there are also others out there that will offer you a higher percentage for your iPod. And, if you want to try out a used iPod yourself, you can find some decent perks as well as competitors trying to get you to try their mp3 players.
According to’s “Market growing for used iPods” article:

…Several iPods up for auction include the sellers’ music collection and instructions on how to transfer the music from the iPod to the buyer’s computer. Some even take requests for additional songs to be added prior to shipping.
One video iPod for sale contains an entire season of TV show “King of Queens” included.
Even Apple competitors have tried to use the swap as a promotional tool. Dell offered a $100 mail-in rebate to any customer turning in an old iPod when buying one of its MP3 players…

Not a bad idea considering the ever-changing iPod models and the costs to keep up with the popularity contest.