Mastering Distractions: 5 Key Tips to Keeping Focus

Cell phones, colleagues, construction; no, I’m not running down my list of favorite things that begin with the letter, “c” (that would clearly start with cocktails and end with cuban sandwiches — let’s be real). However, these are just a few obstacles that I and many other copywriters and creatives have to face on a daily basis while attempting to commit their thoughts to the digital page.

Cuban Sandwich


It’s not always easy — heck, it’s often very, very difficult; anything worth doing usually is. But there are methods to prevent even the most attention-deficit workers from losing their mental bookmark to common distractions. Speaking from experience, here are five tips to try at your office when you need laser-like focus but have more of a shotgun-blast mind.

Tips on Staying — Ooh, look at that pretty bird — Focused

Of course, everyone works more efficiently under different circumstances. There is, unfortunately, no end-all be-all answer to the problem of persistent thought drifting. However, the key is to keep searching until you find what works for you. Just give yourself a little quiet, take a breather and get that coffee pot percolating; it’s time to get back to work.