The Dawn of Mobilegeddon: The Scoop On Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Remember all of those times that we and other web developers and marketing agencies just like us told you how truly important it is to have a mobile-friendly, responsive website? If you didn’t believe us then, you probably do now. Because Google’s Mobilegeddon is upon us, and there is nowhere to hide.

What Is Mobilegeddon?

In a nutshell, Google finally put its foot down and announced that IT KNOWS. It knows if your website isn’t responsive or mobile-friendly. It’s watching when your users are frustratedly shaking their phones and gesturing toward the heavens for an answer. Google is here to tell us that if your website does any of the following, it will negatively affect how you rank on mobile SERPs:

How Will This Affect My Rankings?

On desktop it probably won’t do much, to be honest…for now. This algorithm mostly affects the search results on mobile devices and tablets…for now. A few weeks ago, if you ranked number one on desktop for any given keyword, you were mostly likely floating somewhere close to number one on mobile too. Today, that is no longer. You may stay number one on desktop, but depending on how mobile-friendly your website is, you could completely disappear from mobile SERPs. Don’t think this matters to you?

Well, in 2014, 60% of all online searches were made from mobile devices. A hefty ⅓ of all organic traffic came from mobile devices. And guess what? It’s 2015; this number is only projected to increase every year. Pretty soon people will be searching from their kitchen sinks, and then where will your website be?

Ok, I’m Listening. So What Do I Do?

Mobile DevicesAre you really listening? Because this is important:

The only way to survive the mobile device apocalypse is to listen to what Google is suggesting. Your website shouldn’t be an afterthought, it should be an investment. It is your digital storefront — the first thing your customers and clients see when they find out about you. As your mother always said, first impressions are important.

All is not lost. Google is rolling out these changes today, and if your website still doesn’t satisfy Google’s mobile-friendly guidelines, it’s never too late to give your website a little TLC.

Don’t know if your website satisfies Google’s appetite for mobile? You can find out with their handy mobile-friendly test. If what you see on that page disturbs you, your website may need a makeover.