Winterizing Florida: Holiday Tips for When the Weather’s Ho-Ho-Hot

The internet is full of holiday tips lists that tell you how to best set your Christmas dinner table or perfectly fry those latkes, but as a lifelong Central Floridian, I know that we need something more than that to save our holiday spirits. Though we’re undeniably blessed (and envied in equal measure) for our cool-at-worst temperatures during the holidays, the warmer temperatures often left me feeling more Grinch than St. Nick.


There is just something about nippy weather that physically and emotionally brings people together–it almost urges you to get closer to your friends and family, enjoy a hot mug of cocoa around a crackling fireplace and–

Well, there I go again, showing my winter envy.

Look, I get it. Snow, ice and walking 10 miles in the frigid tundra that befalls our friends to the North sucks. However, it’s baked into our festivities and that leaves many of us warm winter-ers feeling like something is missing.

Fret and sweat no more, my friends. I am a professional, and I feel your pain. Here are my holiday tips for finding the holiday cheer when Florida decides to emphasize the “sweat” in sweater weather.

Holiday Tips to Force Florida into a Winter Wonderland

Decorations Make a Difference: Though the weather may not feel quite winter wonderland-ish, putting up decorations, keeping up with family traditions and turning on your favorite holiday tunes can turn around even the toughest tropical holiday depression. And you know what? Sure, it’ll cost a bit come bill time, but go ahead and treat yo’ self by turning down the thermostat a smidge.


Get Out: Besides sidestepping the hassle of scraping the frost off your windshield and shoveling your sidewalks, another benefit to Florida’s fair holiday weather is that it’s perfect to enjoy one of the many festive events going on all over town. From Light Up UCF to Grinchmas at Universal, Florida most definitely gets in the spirit.

Spend Time, Not Money: Though it’s tempting to jump onto, find the priciest doodad and get that baby shipped to their doorstep, don’t. Instead of picking up this and that for your friends and family, instead, offer to host a get together at your home, cook a holiday-themed dinner and/or make something with your own hands. Even an offering as simple as a handwritten letter from the heart can mean much more than that juicer sitting in your digital shopping cart.

Who knows? Maybe this year will be perfectly chilly (doubtful); stranger things have happened. However, even if there’s barely a hint of winter weather, these holiday tips can help you bring the holiday cheer to the Sunshine State.

Regardless of weather, we’d like to send you and yours warm wishes for a very happy holidays from all of us at Findsome & Winmore.