Want to Rank Highly on Google? Think Responsive Web Design.

As more and more websites and web pages are launched and refreshed, Google continues to index and rank them according to the rules of the company’s ever-evolving algorithm.  When new technologies or user challenges emerge, Google sometimes gives marketers some guidance on how to increase search visibility.

The explosion in mobile web browsing has presented just such an instance for Google to help marketers reach their customers.  Consumers are increasingly dependent upon their mobile phones to help them research and interact with companies with whom they might want to do business.  A family on a road trip, for example, might lean heavily on their mobile devices to navigate roadways, find a Starbucks, choose a restaurant, or post a hotel review.

Google is quite mindful of this and has altered its search ranking methodology to encourage and reward those marketers who make this mobile experience as helpful to users as possible.  In multiple instances, Google has encouraged web designers to embrace responsive web design in their efforts to do this.

We touched on the merits of responsive web design several months ago because of the efficiency factor.  One of the key benefits of developing a responsive website for a company is that it allows them to streamline their content management efforts:  a company need only add/edit/delete content one time in order for the change to materialize across the mobile, desktop, and tablet versions of the site.  This was a huge efficiency gain for some marketers who were having to maintain three separate versions of the same site.

Google’s recent guidance is now implying quite clearly that those sites who embrace responsive web design are likely to be rewarded in the search rankings.  And while there are countless numbers of search ranking factors, ensuring that your website is responsive appears to be a very important one.  If search results are particularly important to your business, be sure to check for its ability to adapt to multiple screens.  Your users will thank you and so will your bottom line!