Twitter Advertising – is it Worth it?

Hopefully by now you’ve seen our post on Facebook ads and have decided if they are right for your business. Well, Facebook isn’t the only social media site that makes it easy to advertise to users – Twitter is doing the same. In 2011, Twitter was boasting 100 million active users a day, who were tweeting near 33 billion times a day!

Like Facebook, Twitter can be a great tool to interact with your followers and gain exposure. But, the little blue bird has its own way of doing things – instead of standard ads, Twitter lets you advertise by promoting tweets, trends and accounts. SproutSocial does a fantastic job highlighting the differences:

As you can see, Twitter ads work quite differently than Facebook ads – this is a result of how the platform operates and how users interact with it. Users on Twitter seem to be more receptive to ads than those on Facebook. Around 21.6% of Twitter users claim they have used a discount through a promoted tweet ad, and 21.2% have discovered new brands to follow on Twitter through promoted tweets. Twitter users feel ads are more relevant to their interests than Facebook users.

Coke saw massive success with their first promoted tweet back in 2010. The soda mogul saw over 85 million impressions and a 6% engagement rate, as opposed to the usual .02% seen from other web-based advertising. That translates to around 5 million people interacting with that ad in just a days time. For what advertisers are calling ‘relatively cheap’, Twitter seems to work extremely well in some markets.

However, not everyone has had the same success as Coke. Small business’ are having trouble breaking into the profitable Twittersphere. After spending $154 on ads, Jessica Hughes of Custom Fit Studio suspended her advertising, having gained fewer than a dozen new followers. Twitter’s ads do not seem to be as beneficial to most local businesses, although small online companies may have greater success because their lack of ‘locality’. Local businesses should instead try Facebook Ads for its specific targeting options.

While targeting locally may not be effective for business on Twitter, interacting with users directly can be.  About 67% of Twitter users said they would be more apt to make a purchase from a follower, while 51% of Facebook users said the same. You can also take into account that more than 40% of Twitter users follow at least one brand.

As with everything, only you can decide if Twitter Ads are right for you.

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