The Customer Speaks

Someone parked their mobile opinion today in our parking lot. This particular individual seems pretty upset at T-Mobile! Goes to show that consumers do have a limit…and a will to get even when they’re not happy!

On the flip side, I’m a T-Mobile customer–and a pretty happy one at that…

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  1. Rob Poitas

    I am a happy t-mobile customer too. Plenty of minutes, short waiting time when I call in, great coverage in the bay area, and friendly people when I call.
    I am about to renew my contract and I don’t see a reason why I wouldn’t want to.
    So what problem did the PT cruiser person have? Having worked in retail and the customer service end before, some folks just want to be a pain and make it easy for the customer service person to not help them.

  2. Seeds of Growth

    Going mobile against T-Mobile

    Detractors can be loud, creative, and powerful. How do you become aware of a service problem and how quickly do you “save it?”
    A year ago, “Dell Hell” was the rant of an angry Dell customer thateventually spread across the Web. We found out later that “

  3. Keith Ort

    I’ve been with tmobile for a couple years as well. no real issues at all. i enjoy the irony that the money spent on the vinyl for them to express themselves could have been put towards their termination fee.

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