Outback Steakhouse Does Online Ordering Right

We recently tried the online ordering system at Outback Steakhouse. I went to the Web site to simply download the menu for phone-in service, but decided to try the online ordering system as they seemed to be promoting it.
I was very impressed by the ability of the online system. You could really tell that the logistics had really been pondered. I think the user interface could use a bit of work in an effort to make things more intuitive, but it was certainly adequate.
The system allowed me to select various menu items, add special instructions to certain items (hold the onions, please), and used dynamic menus to present me with salad/site item choices. It also asked me what Make and Model of car I would be picking the order up in. What impressed me most was the ability to set my own pick-up time. Since I wanted to see the last 15 minutes of SportsCenter, I gave myself an extra 20 minutes by selecting my desired time from a drop-down selection.
I arrived a few minutes before the designated time. The attendant came out curb-side and, recognizing my car, asked if I was Matt! Pretty impressive. She took my card, came back with my receipt and order 1 minute prior to my requested pick-up time. Needless to say, I was very impressed.
My only complaint was that the “medium” steak I ordered was a bit on the rare side. I have to say that the convenience and ease of the online ordering system made up for any shortcomings in the order. I would definitely recommend it!