John 3:16

We all can remember the first time we were watching football and saw the computer generated lines seemingly painted on the field indicating the line of scrimmage and the 1st down line. It made watching games at home so much more fun. We could finally ignore John Madden’s senseless mumbling and rambling and actually see if progress was made on a screen pass or if the linebacker caught the fullback for a loss. No more need to have Al Michaels over explain the drama of watching the 2 guys run on field with the chains. We could see it for ourselves, know the ball was placed with 3 inches to spare, and be vindicated (as opposed to being infuriated) by the referee’s approval and forward tomahawk motion.
Yes, fall is here now. I finally get to enjoy my HDTV in its most enjoyable form, sports. The 1st BCS rankings of the season are out, the Lombardi trophy does not have its obvious suitor for this season, the Magic are prime to disappoint me yet again, UFC is getting lots of airplay, I can open the house and feel cool air instead of sweltering just by opening the door, and yet we still have the imposing danger of another hurricane. Yes, this is a guy’s season of love.