iPhone Hype

Close to 24 hours away from the Apple iPhone’s much anticipated launch and the buzz around the Internet is pretty high. I’m curious as to the way the product will be received, although all signs seem to point to the positive. For starters, Apple’s recent history of product launches has been nothing short of astounding–not to mention the very positive reviews that the product seems to be getting. Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal and Steven Levy of Newsweek both seem to have positive things to say.
On the other side, Seth Godin points us to an interview with a Verizon exec (AT&T/Cingular was instead choses to exclusively handle the iPhone for Apple) who seems to be glad that Verizon isn’t launching the iPhone. Not sure I believe him. This other piece about Verizon is an interesting look at how the iPhone’s competitors are going to counter the product’s hype. On a lighter note, Josh points us to Dan Blank’s humorous view of iPhone post-purchase dissonance.